To Be Free

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When I look outside, everything looks perfect.
The sun is beaming perfectly. Birds chirping away.
But when I look back at my room, and see it's contents,
I realize I'm a prisoner. A prisoner of my own thoughts, 
my own world, my past's memories. 

Imagining what it would be like to walk outside,
to be free. No more looking in the past. To be completely
rid of all these horrors that stay locked in my mind.

The fresh, sharply crisp air would waken me.
The heat of the sun would dance on my skin, 
and the intense brightness of it would shock my eyes.
I'd be free. 

What kills me the most is that as I write, I'm locked in this 
room. And what really pains me, is to be looking out from the 
inside. The world out there seems beautiful. 
I want to break free, but any escape I could try would
just end in consequence. I'm not free.

So now, I'll just remain in this place, prisoner of fate.
Just hoping one day I'll be free from this place.

Created: Jan 17, 2012


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