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I posted this as a text RECord instead of a collaboration.
the above link is the collaboration. go there instead.


The hitRECord community is going to play live with a local Austin band ( ) at our Saturday screenings at SXSW. RECord yourself playing along with the demo of the song - We're creating an audio/video RECord that will play as sort of a companion to the band and sort of a member of the band.

Joe totally wants to play live with the band and this RECord. While we cannot promise anything, if there's any way of logisticizing it, that's what will happen.

The video will be projected behind the band while they rock with our sound (or we play along with their sound). The video will have some parts SXSW, some parts video of hitRECorders playing the music mentioned above, some parts video of normal sounds being used musically like the Non Music Video from Sundance We will be posting some sound Resources that we've RECorded here at SXSW. You can Release new sounds, Remix sounds from the Non Music Video, remix other existing RECords, Remix what's already in this Collaboration or anything else.

Play the song on headphones while you RECord yourself.
Video RECord yourself RECording it. We likely won't use audio-only RECords.
Release ONLY your own audio -- don't mix the existing song or drums with yours... all the parts will get mixed together later and it'll be easier to do that if your audio is clean by itself.
If you can Release your video at 720p, please do. If not, we can work with it anyway. If that doesn't mean anything to you, don't worry, just Release what you got.

The song is like
Verse (3x) Am-C-E
Bridge (2x) Dm-C-G
Chorus (3x) F-G-C-F-G-E
Recorded to a click at 120 bpm
Key of C

Ready? Go!


Created: Mar 19, 2010


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