His Sweet, Little Lies

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Deceived. Hurt. Cheated. 

There were only few words that could describe what it felt like. Shrouded by the truth all could see, she was blinded by the soft caress of his lies. Somewhere deep within, she knew. She knew it was too good to be true, but it didnt stop her from hearing what she truly wanted to hear. Now the shroud was removed, and the truth stung. Stung like a swarm of hungry bees; looking for a morsel of food, but she sat there. Taking the punishment he truly deserved for manipulating this lovely girl. She took it because she thought the pain would cease and the shroud would come back. That he would whisper those sweet lies to her again, and that they would come true, he would truly love her. And yet, this isnt a tale of triumph; moping or weeping. It is a tale of revenge. A tale of inner beauty. A tale of desperation.  This...is her story. 

Created: Jan 16, 2012


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