Asinine heart

By littleradio

and when i read it they seemed like words put together, I thought of. I rode my bike home in the cold morning, the moon pushed aside by the sun. i could still feel you on my lips. barely knowing but there it was this smile i couldn't stop, why? the smell of you makes me warm, the way the sun feels on my skin. the map of constellations draped over your skin. stardust we are all connected, i want to map them all, wanting to figure out your eighty-eight. everything is wrong, the way you linger. mirroring the night sky, you're surrounded by more of not understanding, it is just darkness without it they can not shine. we all can choose to live in a moment, what is here, what is now. you see doom in it's not meant to be, unknown is just unknown. giving up, the best fearful i have ever seen. such passion you have laid down, shooting stars to bring down the sky that connects us all.

Asinine heart

Created: Mar 19, 2010


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