My Song and I (Lyrics)

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My Song and I


It’s been so long since we sang out together

Been so long that I can’t remember but

Nothing - is ever gonna to tear us apart


My song tells about the life I chose

When I fell out of favor with wine and roses

And it may be the only way to read my heart


So sit right back and you can come along

Brave my singing find something to hold onto

Ride the road I’m on just like I do in my song


It’s 4/4 rhythm It’s a loaded gun

It’s a bottle in my hand to greet the sun

It’s like cupids arrow in your heart but it’s mine


Major minor I can’t recall Rock and roll

Has a way of puttin’ it all together

Just like me and you singin’ / my song and I


My song and I My song and I

It’s just me and you tonight and

My song and I.


And if I didn’t have you

Listening I don’t know what I’d do

This my chance to thank you from my song and I.. ©ebmartin socan 011312

Created: Jan 14, 2012


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