The Maiden of Alternates.

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The water is black
and the bottom is invisible.
Nothing lives here no matter what
they say.

But curiosity is one of humanity's siren calls
and it draws me there one night for all
my disbelief

(just going to take a look
no harm in that, surely?)

She rises slowly and surely before
my eyes, ghostly pale as though formed
from the hardest marble, and not by any
mortal hands I'd wager.

She is flawless, all my deficiencies erased.
I stare at this vision who is me yet not me;
the me of alternates.

She remains floating just under the surface
eyes closed, a deathly corpse. The death of
all my dreams and leaving only the bald truth:
reality is ugly.

Created: Jan 14, 2012


Emma-Conner Document Media