The Emerald Journal

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Okay, so this was my first attempt at poem writing: ) it's about one of my favorite drawing journals I got when I was younger. This was a rough (ROUGH ) draft I thought of late at night so feel free to remix and blend up to make it better. rough also means incomprehensible handwriting, so I will also have the words below.  




An Emerald Journal was once gifted to me,

This emerald journal brought me a great deal of joy,

For this wasn't just any journal ,

And this journal wasn't just and toy,

This journal book held a special component, 

With no lines,

And no gaurds,

And one wish, that for me, it would grant,

With it's glittery cover,

and crisp white paiges,

It reminds me that the possibilities never end,

with dots,

and squares,

and long lines that bend ,

this emerald journal was special to me, because there was so much I could anticipate,

Because, you see, my one wish for that journal was not for it to write, 

  But to create.




Created: Jan 14, 2012


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