Break Up

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It's all just a game, right?

And we'll laugh about it later?

Beyond shortcomings and dreams delayed another year.

Can I no longer be myself, can I no longer be near?

Does society or individual emotion prohibit intimacy,

without fear of reprisal,

or are attempts at behavioral modification

masked with isolation?


Can love not conquer all,

or merely devour?

Is it inherent for man to fail, not be good enough,

then expire.

Greatness overwritten or undermined,

lost in faults too slowly overcome.

Love and caring not sufficient,

when priorities don't align.


And unable to help,

fall away or in anger.

Tear out roots before they grow to strong,

and when pulled take all the dirt along.

Scream with your digestive tract,

since yelling would merely be loud.

And suffer deep,

since that which is clung to in comfort

is no longer present.


We are stronger than you and I.

Good enough for now,

and yet I cry.

Tears are something that have become

unfamiliar, though similar

to the sense of loss approaching

and not knowing what defines

that which was already uncertain.


Mind remains distracted,

longing still attracted

to your scent that is ghosting,

but can't be backed up.

If something is missed, should it be pursued,

or locked away in memory before further decayed,

and resolution lost.

Created: Jan 14, 2012


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