Vocal Stem- MMM2 Score- for NATHAN's ears only! =)

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If your name is NOT Nathan Johnson, please listen to THIS VERSION instead: http://hitrecord.org/records/63306 ~ Thanks!

Seriously! Anybody who hearts this RECord is gonna GET IT!!! *haha* =P -gwenny

Sorry this is so distorted, Nathan. i can re-sing any part of this if you want me to, Dear. This runs the full length of the score- that's why there is so much dead air. i even gave you some silly girly sounds in addition to the singing. At very least, i hope this gives you a good giggle!

This was 100% improvised- and was my second take. Please forgive the messiness! ;)

My email address is gwen@rishloo.com =)

Created: Mar 18, 2010

Tags: gwen, mmm2 vocal stem

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