By dawnmaca

In 2006, I worked with an animation company in an admin role as part of the work placement for my degree. In my five months with them, I submitting a short film of their's to a whole lot of festivals and thankfully it was 98% through withoutabox.com.

www.withoutabox.com is a really helpful index of every film festival you would ever want to know about, with full details of closing dates, format spec's, categories and so on.

You can search festivals based exactly on the film you want to submit, so I was able to search festivals that would be suitable for a short, animated film and was free to enter or up to $20 submission fee etc etc

I was just thinking this would be a great next step for MMM world domination and also a handy resource to any of you filmmakers with something to promote who may have missed the website, it really saves so so much time if you're making a lot of festival submissions.


Created: Mar 18, 2010

Tags: promotion, dawnmaca, film festivals

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