The Daly Record - Part Deux

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This time - in rhyme! Eeek :)


Goodness Gracious, How Austin-tatious

This morning post-show
I awoke from my rest
And it finally dawned
‘I’m at South By Southwest!’

Bright and early
We rolled out the stakes
At the International
House of Pancakes

Roles were doled
And brains were stormed
This constant creating
Is now normed

My feat was decided
My task it was drawn
To funnily factize
Morgan’s word spawn

As a sort of Morgpedia
Entirely fictionary
It’s something I’ve titled
'Morgan’s Interdictionary'

On Austin’s thronged streets
We encountered the fray
In an ocean of green?
Oh! It’s St. Patrick’s Day!

It seems I’d forgotten.
How unpatriotic!
I’d been caught in the whirlwind
(The buzz here’s hypnotic)

So, another day over
Goodness gracious
At South By Southwest
How Austin-tatious!

Created: Mar 18, 2010


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