Wolves In The Woods (w/More hitrecorders howls)

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I added more of you howlers into the mix at the end.  Still looking for more howlers to contribute!  I have a large plan for this song and I can't really get to mixing the finishing touches until I put a cap on the howlers.  So.  If you want to howl for this song, get on it by the weeks end and don't forget to source the recod so I can find you and source you back in the final product.  Planning on putting up a "final" mix on Monday night.  At least as far as being ready for sundance goes. 


milky skin kissed with moonlight

apple cheeks, pert and flush

strawberry hair, creamy fingers

in the trees a hush

there are wolves in the woods (x4)


Created: Jan 13, 2012

Tags: may mcdonough, little red riding hood collaboration

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