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FUCK 6.9.11

Navy blue moonlit rain drops
Dance the bachata
As he backs up and shifts into drive
In a moment he is gone
And I am soaking wet, seated in my parked car
Caressing the steering wheel like a man would slide his hands up a lover’s skirts
Over her hills and valleys into moist pink
His first finger gliding up velvet engorged walls
And her pleasure oozing over his knuckles, into his hand, and dripping to the floor
A sigh escaping her parted lips
A longing moan.

One by one I curl my fingers around the steering wheel
In rhythm with this woman’s hips
Rising higher and higher and higher
And higher – she wants to feel him in her gut
I feel you in my gut
We ladies arch back
Fingers grip
Heads throw back
Eyes shut
Ready to buck


I open my eyes and the world I had walled of the past few hours crashes the scene—
Waves of mud and debri
Burst through my cement dam
Crescendo in a furious roll over landscape memories
And timeless moments


What am I doing?

I am so screwed.

I am in way over my head.

I am paralyzed in my seat
Fingers still gripping the wheel at arms’ length
Eyes fixated forward
Unfocused, unseeing
Because all my blood is in my heart
And I think it might explode right here;
It would be a shame to find me like that tomorrow
Limp behind the wheel—
Dried heart pieces spattered on the windshield
A curiously content smile rigor mortised on my lips.

At least we had the thunder
And the lightning
And the rain
Caresses slow and sweet
Kisses fast and deep
Minds lost in gazing eyes
And moments that made you go

Created: Jan 12, 2012


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