Fighting The demon

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When I started down this road

I really did not know

That it would lead me here

To this place so very cold

Giving me so much anger

That I do not know

How to deal with

So I will drown my pain again

With the demon 

Who in the first place gave me it

I started so I wouldn't have to face

All the pain inside of me

But now I'm slapped in the face by reality

Now my pain is so much worse

Now it's amplified

And for some reason

I want to do what made it worse

It's insanity

That I want more

It's not right 

But its my life 

It hard to look at myself in the mirror

But I have to face my demons

If I want them to disapear

I have to fight my own battles

I have to do whats right

Because if I don't I could lose my life


Created: Jan 12, 2012


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