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I'm an acting major currently, thining of switching to the film department and possibly even transfering this next year. I still want to act but I'm much more interested in elements of film then stage: acting, directing, scoring, writing, editing, animating, etc. I was hoping some of you could share your opinions and experiences with different college programs. 

I love learning but right now I'm feeling frustrated because I feel like school is getting in my way a bit.My teachers are really fantastic but I do feel very limited and pinned down. I want to read more and to do more outside of the department, but as of now it has too many restrictions. I get into a very apathetic non-creative place. All I feel like doing is working  but I do recognize getting a degree is important and I have a lot to learn.

So anyways, any help would be greatly appreciated. Best wishes to all of you!



Created: Jan 12, 2012


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