the kitten stories (chapter 3 part 1, school)

By spin


BREE: "hey adam, wait up!"

*she is jogging to catch up to adam who is still walking ahead, his black army boots pounding softly on the tan linoleum floor*
ADAM: "stop being lazy, you can catch up and you know it"
BREE: " you going to the self asteem group today? "
ADAM: "hmmmmm........ lets see, self asteem, guided meditation, aka, i get to sleep for a class period with out losing my hours. of course i'm going"

*bree gives a light chuckle at the heavy sarcasm, and adam pokes bree in her side making her squeek, and she gives him a huge grin and jokingly hits him in the shoulder*

he always knew how to make her smile. He may be a 5'9 giant and look like a line backer, but he is one of the sweetest guys ever. All the girls want to play with his long dirty blond hair. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s a hopeless romantic who has a robin hood complex. That’s actually one of the reasons he's been her best friend since the 7th grade. they know each other so well it's almost scary. they live about a mile apart, and consider each others parents to be their 2nd parents. he is into martial arts, and has a passion for knives and guns, and loves to rant about them constantly. But even though bree isn’t into all of those things as much as she used to be she doesn’t mind letting him rant about them. she likes listening and learning something new.

They see eachother as siblings , and so every time one of them needed advice they would go to the other one. From the outside it looks like one of two things, they either look like the perfect couple, or they look like siblings. And they might as well be. They bicker and argue but then they turn around and do something random and they are friends again.

BREE: " well, hey at least your some hot chicks portable heater..."
ADAM: " OH SHUT UP! why arent you in the group this quarter?"
BREE: " i'm trying to actually pass my classes."
ADAM: " bree, seriously, your nightmares are making it so you get like no sleep, you have trouble staying awake in your classes with out a fuckin monster."

*bree shrugs off his comment and without skipping a beat*
BREE: " aww come on, even you gotta admit i'm more fun after having a fuckin BFC can of monster."
ADAM: " well..."

*adam starts to continue when bree gives her famous cute face that made her seem like an adorable kitten*

BREE: " and besides...."

*short pause as she holds up her keychain of 67 monster tabs and jingles them*

" you know you cant argue with that."

*bree gives her beautiful “i win” smile*

ADAM:" just go to class. c-ya."
BREE: " later"

Bree walks into her biology class with her contagous smile, grabs her folder and sits down next to this hot Latina girl named Kiara. Kiara is about a inch or two shorter than Bree, but with he medium long black hair, piercing hazel eyes, and a flirtatious personality. She was easily the perfect girl for any guy, but that flirtatious personality of hers has lately has made them get into a lot of trouble lately. And it’s had a tendency to involve boob scooping, ass grabbing and smacking, and regular flirting, minus of course kissing.

*a playful tone dripping from her voice*
KIARA: " hey there chica, whats up?"

*kiara sticks her hand on the part of the chair bree is about to land her butt on. *

*speaking with laughter in her voice*
BREE: "well hello to you too! "

bree quickly sits up and lets kiara remove her hand. of course bree is smiling even more now, borderline of blushing, as is kiara. the whole class is like that. they love watching these two go at it. and the fact that bree doesnt think of it as flirting makes it even more fun. bree and kiara compair boob sizes and ass sizes, they playfully compliment eachother and, well they are pretty much just playful all period long. they are bisexual and proud of it. they have been doing this since about the 2nd day of 3rd quarter. and it all pretty much started because bree had some sawdust on her boobs from her woodshop class the period before. they have been like this ever since. its a mirical that they get any work done at all.

KAIRA: " i'm bored."
BREE: " i can fix that."

*both girls start grinning, both girls voices dripping with playful tones*

KIARA: "you know..i dont think you can. "
BREE: " really now..i'll have to fix that wont i?"

*kiara rolls her eyes wearing a naughty grin*

KIARA:" if you could hear me roll my eyes..."

* bree quickly boob scouped kiara and left her hand there, a playful smile on her lips right eyebrow raised*

BREE: " i can see them roll, I’m suprized they don’t roll off the table."

lance, their biology teacher, walks over to them like a toothpick trying to walk in a breeze, suits him since he is built like a tooth pick. really tall but skinney with greying hair and a monotone voice that puts you right to sleep. the girls of course are too caught up in what they are doing they dont notice his aproach.

LANCE: " girls, do i need to separate you?"

*both girls nod their heads no *

LANCE: “then do the work please.

*lance goes back to his desk, both girls giggle and nod their heads*

*in normal happy tones of voice*

KIARA: " so hey did you do the notes yesterday?"
BREE: " yes i did. why weren't you here yesterday?"
KAIRA: " too hung over."

*bree rolls her eyes*

BREE: " did you have fun getting smashed at least?"

*kiara looks up twards the ceiling as if she is thinking*

KAIRA: " you know, i dont remember, but i prolly did."

*bree rolls her eyes again and kiara pokes her belly button*

BREE: " ouch!"

*in a more serious tone*

KIARA: " another nightmare?"

*kiaras face turns from smiling to conserned and compassionet. *

BREE: " yeah."

bree turns her head to look like she is focusing on the teacher, and kiara drops the subject. she always hated it when someone found out about her panic attacks. and the fact that kiara always seemed to notice didnt make it any easier for her. especially since she had found out why she gets them. and after the bell rang she went right to her english class and zoned out into her book.

this book was a horror story. She has started getting into horror stories cause they allow her to escape. She would play the words in her mind and turn the words into a movie. She would turn up her music that she picked to fit the book and she would separate herself from everyone and everything. It was her way of getting out, other than spinning poi. Bree always thought of reading and spinning poi as a meditation practice. She approached both in the same way. She would find a song or list of songs and put them on repeat at a high volume. Then she would find a quiet place with lots of space and she zone out into it. The only difference is that with poi she is dancing and moving around.

those were the only 2 things that kept her sain. Poi kept her fit and brought her to a community of positive awesome creative people. The flow community as most people like to call it, is a world wide community based off of flow. Flow is when everything fits together just right making whatever your doing feel effortless and natural. Flow tools are commonly used to amplify it. Such as poi, flower sticks, double staffs, contact staff, meteor, rope dart, painting, music, and just about anything that can create flow. Bree, could use a lot of different mediums for this, and it always made her happy. It seemed as if every tool she picked up she would almost instantly be decent at it if not really good at it.

*bell rings just loud enough through her head phones to know class was now over and its was now lunch. She walks out to the tree she normally sat under and she receives a txt message from Patrick Bunden*

FROM: Patrick B

((side note: there is more to this chapter but the site will not for whatever reason accept it onto here. there is an entire converation your missing via txt)))

the kitten stories (chapter 3 part 1, school)

Created: Mar 18, 2010


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