I Love...

By goodgirl_indie

There are many things in this world that are worth loving. Here are some of mine.

I love watching the sun set over the skyscrapers downtown. But I love watching the sun rise in an empty field even more.

I love the way my dog has to crawl up on my bed and nest himself against my bent knees to sleep at night, and snore against my sheets just enough to rattle them gently. Truly, I do. It comforts me.

I love the feeling of achieving.

I love the smell of an old book, and how delicate its paper is.

I love the smell of freshly cut grass, and cedar.

I love training. In anything, really. Right now it’s flyball, but it could easily be ESL or the science behind baking, for that matter.

I love how supportive my family is, and I wish I gave them more credit for everything they’ve done for me at this point. Likewise, I love how I’ve earned everything that I own.

I love knowing that even though the world is so vast, I can still manage to be great friends with someone from Hong Kong, who’s brother goes to school in England, whose best friend over there grew up right around the block from me in small-town Canada. And we’ve never met.

I love my French heritage.

I love a good scary movie, because it keeps my creativity afloat in the middle of the night for weeks after.

I love geeking out to oldschool New Kids On The Block, but you didn’t hear that from me. And really, it’s only once every two months or so.

I love having random conversations with people on the subway. You learn so much.

I love colour and patterns. The bolder the better, I say.

I love how the Ford Fiesta’s electronic console looks like Optimus Prime.

I love playing Tetris.

I also love staring at the center of a burning flame. It’s quite hypnotizing, really, and relaxing and meditative to the point you can just zone out and not think. As much as I like things with meaning, I also find solace in moments of zen and nothingness.
I love how I just realized I subscribe to Taoist thought more than any Western notion of all-encompassing power.

I love you. All of you. And what you do. You know it’s true. ☺

I Love...

Created: Mar 18, 2010

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