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PORN. But anyway.

First, allow me to apologize for the crappy sound/syncing/editing. My camera's sound randomly dies, and I had to get my friend (during the "The Shining" segment) to re-record some pieces on his own mic, from his house, without reference. I tried to re-dub it and failed. It's spectacularly bad in that section. Which sucks, because it was originally my favorite part. Otherwise, NO EXCUSES. ^_^;;

So! Here are my thoughts on seeing films at the cinema. Which cinemas are great, which aren't, and why. Early cinema-going experiences. Footage from the old drive-in site from when I was a kid, and the sad, closed up concessions stand. My immense collection of ticket stubs from over 20 years ago! Dating at the movies. 3D. 3D porn. Inception shout-out (sort of in a haha way.) People who text during the damn movie.

Mostly, me cracking myself up.

(I'd love to re-record that entire section that got screwed up, but I wanted to get this in under the wire, so only if anyone thinks they might use something like that for anything will I try to redo it [with the nifty new "edit" button, I think?] Otherwise, it's probably going to stay crappy. :) )


And of course, here's the public domain stuff I used:


Concession stand footage:

Creative Commons license: Public Domain


Great Train Robbery footage: - Creative Commons license: Public Domain

Created: Jan 11, 2012

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