just a little love poem i wrote.

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Sorry my voice is a bit monotone at times, guys. Haha. But, I wanted to try my hand at uploading some of my poetry and getting some feedback. And any sort of collaboration or anything of the nature to enhance this is, of course, greatly appreciated. 


I never liked the look of cartoon hearts, fake. 

Because, really, where did that shape come from?

It sure as shit doesn’t look like the chunk of muscle beating and pumping,

Abnormally but steadily, right here. 


I guess veins and arteries aren’t sexy and romantic

"Oh yeah, baby, your aorta makes me hot." 

"Does my right ventricle look bigger than my left?" 

But maybe that’s the reason I don’t quite know what love is.


Love wasn't created solely for the purpose of selling little chocolates and teddy bears, right? 

Because if I don’t feel it, God knows there’s someone willing to throw some sort of cliche at me to explain the phenomenon.

But romantic songs and movies only take me so far and I'm still left wondering.


I have managed to master the mass between my ears,

which I imagine looks and feels like chewed up, lightning flavored bubblegum,

that runs most, if not all, of my life’s decisions such as 

Reading, writing and arithmetic. 

My bazooka joe brain can hold a surprisingly large amount of info in between its folds. 

If I remember it all, well, that's my decision I guess. 

But memorization is easy. It doesn’t include feelings or people. 

It depends all on me. 


But when and if I fall in love, this is how I would like it to go down.

Cupid, no longer clad in the silly diaper, not brandishing any cutesy arrows.

He's donning a nurse's uniform. Yeah, man got a serious promotion. 

And once he sees me and you, he’ll reveal his new weapon of choice and come charging towards me.

His target, the spine. The bullseye. The bridge between head and heart. 

And, unsuspectingly, his epidural of love, which I imagine would involve some sort of glowing pink liquid, will deliver a straight shot to my vertabrae. 

and my spinal fluid will turn to 

warm fuzzies,

butterfly-filled stomaches,

googly eyes, 

holding hands, 

kiss after kiss. 

And I'll never come down from that high. 

Created: Jan 10, 2012


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