Independence animation plot

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When I think of independent art I imagine an animated hipster digging around in his closet for something, he pulls out a large shoe-box and sets it aside. He then pulls out a bomb small enough to fit in the large shoe-box that is labeled Indie 2012. He puts the bomb in a backpack, the box under his arm and grabs a video camera off his desk as he walks out the door. We see him walk through a suburb passing several strip malls, coffee shops and the usual's. As he walks the sun sets and he arrives in an open field in the dark. He puts the box in the middle of the field takes the bomb out of the backpack and puts it in the box. He lights the bomb, closes the box, and runs far enough away where he is safe but can get a good shot with his camera.The bomb explodes incinerating the box and creating beautiful awe-inspiring fireworks in the sky. He gets his shot and calls it a day. <3

Created: Jan 10, 2012


Avafae Document Media