Untitled Collaborative Indie Film Script

By mrbobosan

i wanna start writting a script with an idea, and the first scenes... here's the first part.
my idea is to write a collaborative film, i dont have an idea if it could be a short film or a feature film, i will write the first scenes that i had stucked in my head and you (hopefully) will continue with the story. (to be honest with you, i have an idea of the whole film, its just that i really loved the site and i want to see the potencial in it.)

voice over:
"when i was a child, my mom said me not to stare at the sun directly"
we see a young guy in his knees, blood starts dripping down his nose, he looks tired, like he is just to fall asleep.
"she said that the sun was god, and that i cant look at god directly"
he falls, with his eyes semi closed see a blurry guy from a distance, and a green car,
the blurry guy walks slowly to the car and goes away.
"because god is light, and too much light will let me blind".
the guy closes up his eyes and falls asleep.
"we're all blind i said"
"until now, i didnt know why i said that"
"until now"

a young guy wakes up in the middle of the desert in a suit, a few coins in his pocket and a small box of matches.
his clothes are covered in blood, he is really coughing dirt and blood, his eyes are sour and his mind disoriented, first he checks himself, and realizes that he is not wounded, so the blood is not his.
he has no wallet, or cellphone, and he is not that far from the highway.
he keeps coughing, stronger, he feels a little scratch inside his throat, the coughing gets so hard that activates his gag reflexes, coughs so hard that he gets scared and shoves his hand to his mouth and pulls out a thin nylon cord, he gets the long thin cord and see the end of it, surprised, he takes it and see a very small plastic bag, covering a small piece of paper.
the paper is hand written, with a phone number, then he reaches his pocket and see the coins, he gets that he has to get to a payphone, so he decides to walk to the highway.
while he walks to the highway, he has small images appearing in his mind, little half a second images, slightly mixed with a sound, annoying high pitch sound, a redhead woman from behind, someone that looks like him, he watching himself at the mirror.

so far, he has no idea of what this images mean.

Untitled Collaborative Indie Film Script

Created: Mar 17, 2010


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