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Music is my spirit, my soul, and my body

Music is everything that I want to be.


My life is one long song, my dance is my impact

My friends are my orchestra in the present and the past.


The drums are my beating heart the percussions are my veins

The guitar’s my skin, bones, and muscles the conductor is my brain.


The flute, trombone, and saxophone the trumpet and the rest

Are like my diaphragm and my lungs which reside beneath my chest.


The piano is my singing voice the harp is like my tongue

My inner fire grows and shrinks along with the gong.


The ukulele, dulcimer, and the mandolin

Play the happiest moments that I have been in.


The violin, the cello, and the weeping ram’s horn

Cry along with me when I am broken and torn


The banjo is my left arm the organ is my right

The acoustic and electric shout about my might.


Lastly, the great bass guitar joins them all

Like my blood it keeps me alive without it I would fall.


Music is my power that will never leave me

Music is my life spiritual and physically.

Created: Jan 08, 2012


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