Are You There

By magiscule

Am I allowed to say that I love something I've created? This poem reminded me why I love writing. Text reproduced below:

A knock-knock joke is an act of faith.
With two clicky little words,
the joke teller is asking you to enter a pact.

He is setting up
a situation you have lived
a thousand, a million times before,
a situation that is not unique.

He is promising
to carry through
with what is expected of Him,

and He knows that you will carry through with what is expected of you.

Saying “Who’s there?” is itself an act of faith.
You trust the teller to give you a response,
to be honest, to have an intention of
a punch line - to have meaning.

From there, the joke takes its own direction,
becomes a new experience,
the experience you were promised,
and the transaction is completed.

That’s why.

That’s why the interrupting
starfish is the greatest act of betrayal
that can ever be committed.
You have entered a contract you cannot back out of,
only to find that your God is false, your God is not kind,

the hand in your face is not a punch line.

Are You There

Created: Mar 17, 2010


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