you say you want a revolution

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Leaves in the wind whisper hushed secrets
that stem from the lips of my mind
Oh Sieves in the trees tell me the secrets
that the Man on top wants to hide

Oh secular liquid, you’ve altered my views
with a drop or few to the tongue
A molecular bid against faltering truths
Out of key, our song is sung

Tell me, Mother, show me the way
that mind, body, soul may align
The illusive secrets whispered today
have yet to show me a sign

In the midst of a battle for glory and power
I can barely hear you from here
They’ve poisoned our food, made chemical flowers
I can barely hear you from here
They trade our wealth for poisonous powders
I can barely hear you from here
The stifled unrest grows louder and louder
Your presence, I feel, is near

Created: Jan 07, 2012

Tags: revolution, original poetry

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