Now, Now

By deeasherself

- It's gray. - Said Nina finally, with a tone that made clear the fact that she was stating the obvious. Her friend Madeleine made her stand in front of a three feet tall canvas, staring at a man whose eyecolor was uncertain. Madeleine had painted them dark green, but her four years old daughter Emma saw them blue. The exhibition was going to open in a few hours, but the man's eyecolor was making Madeleine doubt. Should she paint them again? No, the air would smell like turpentine. What about a magic marker? She didn't have one with her at the moment, and it would still make the painting look weird (or weirder). So she asked Nina to look at the eyes and tell her what color was it. And Nina, with her almost heaven sent patience, stood in front of the man for a few minutes, in complete silence, fully concentrated, looking into the eyes.

Now, Now

Created: Mar 17, 2010


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