little red (the remixed poem)

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Once upon a sunny day

Little Red was on her way

To Grandma's house deep in the woods

She hurried to get there as fast as she could


Grandma was feeling under the weather

Red was taking food and wine to make her feel better

Off the path, her mother warned her not to stray

A request Red knew would be difficult to obey


For her favourite flowers blossomed in abundance there

Their heavenly scent perfumed the air

She stuck to the path and did not see

The hungry wolf staring at her from behind a tree


"Where are you going?" he asked little Red

"I'm going to visit my sick Grandma" she said

"She lives in the house 'neath the three oak trees,"

She smiled at the wolf feeling completely at ease


As they walked together, the wolf became elated

By eating Red and Grandma, his hunger would be sated

In the middle of the path, Red stopped to stare

At the beautiful flowers that were growing there


"Why don't you take some to your Grandma? " the wolf suggested

It seemed to be a good idea, so she did as he requested

Meanwhile, the wolf ran to Grandma's house as fast as he could

Standing at the door, he knocked loudly on the wood


This evil wolf who had no soul

When Grandma answered the door, he gobbled her whole

After dressing in her clothes, he lay down in Grandma's bed

He put on her spectacles and waited for little Red


Red skipped to Grandma's house and let herself in

"Hi Grandma, it's little Red" she said with a grin

" Grandma, why are your ears so big?"

"So I can hear you clearly" replied the wolf as he adjusted his wig


"Grandma, your eyes are so big as well,"

"So I can see you better, can't you tell?"

"But Grandma, why are your teeth so big and thick?"

"All the better to eat you with!"


The wolf gobbled little Red in one bite

Patting his full stomach, he settled in Grandma's bed for the night

Red and Grandma clung to each other in fear

"Red, however will we get out of here?"


In the darkness Red grabbed the knife in her coat

And sliced the sleeping wolf from belly to throat

As the wolf screamed in pain and took his last breath

He wished little Red he had never met


They both climbed out of the wolf Red had slain

Content in the knowledge he would never bother them again


I poetryified RegularJOE's script :D



Created: Jan 07, 2012


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