Independence is but an illusion

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You're only truly independent

when you become numb.

When there's no one who can move you, touch you, hurt you, love you, hate you.

Because you're always a prisoner.

A persons mind is a small claustrophobic room full of thougths and emotions.

And these places are the hardest to break free from.

Sure, many of us like to imagine we're independent, but just stop and think for a minute.

Stop to see what's the motivation behind your actions, the story behind your whereabouts…

Who is it really for?

Who do we want to impress? Be with? Make happy?

Are we doing this because we really want to? And what is it that we really want, in fact?

Why do we want to achieve a particular goal so much?

The truth is, deep down, we all want to be dependent to some extent.

We want to be able to rely on someone, expect stuff.

Otherwise we can never feel loved.

And what is life without love?

Not even independent.

Just Sad.

Created: Jan 07, 2012


Maya Arlandria Document Media