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Hi all! I hope you’re having a great Saturday :) I put an idea up for a game the other day and (if you’re Resourced on here) that means you showed some interest in joining in on a session. Thank you! I’m looking forward to seeing what we accomplish together and I hope that it ends up being a fun process. The people who have agreed to play include: jesterlady, sabine, kouralilly, GabyVaughan and myself. Barush may also be joining us, so we could end up with anywhere from five to six people! That’s a lot of potential packed into one team, lol :D This RECord here will be our “forum”. As we play if we want to discuss the game, develop strategies, etc. we can come on here and have team discussions. Also, I’ll have a diagram at the bottom to help keep track of our progress during the game which I’ll update as we go. For ease of access, we may want to Resource this RECord to our remixes to help us track down one another’s RECords while we’re playing.

As a kind of quick review, the game works like this -


Get everyone from “start” to “finish” by remixing RECords to move others forward. Once everyone is perched on the edge of the finish line, we do a combined RECord which incorporates pieces of all the players work into one large Collaboration. 


The Starting RECord is a RECord you select from the work you’ve posted here on hitRECord for us to focus on while doing remixes during the game. Let us know which RECord it is by posting the name of the RECord and a link in a Remark.


To move forward towards the finish line, you remix another person’s Starting RECord or another remix that has occurred during the game based on their Starting RECord. It is wonderful if you use more than one player’s work while remixing, just remember to designate which player moves forward. Remember that you cannot advance yourself along your track by remixing your work, only another player.


Once everyone has moved to the end of their track and is poised at the edge of the finish line, to cross as a group we do a RECord which combines everyone’s work together into a collaborative piece. Then we win!

So, the STARTING RECORD gives everyone a focus, REMIXING helps move the game forward and give us ideas about how all our work fits together, and the final COLLABORATION that lets us win the game is us sorting through the ideas from our remixes and trying to make them a finished product. At least, in theory that’s how this works, lol.

Important facts to remember and/or discuss –

The game has a time limit. Its length is based on the number of people playing (2 * # of people). If we have five people, the game is supposed to last 10 days; if we have six then it should last 12 days. So, we have 10-12 days to do all the remixes necessary for moving each other forward as well as the Collaboration at the end that “wins” the game. I will have a counter at the very bottom of this RECord tracking the days the game has lasted. It will be organized as “days played/days left”.

Every person has a track to move down in order to make it to the finish line. The number of spaces you move is based on the number of players. If there are five of us, then each of us has 5 spaces; if there are six of us then each of us has 6 spaces. I will create a little chart at the bottom of this RECord which I can update as we go. One thing we’ll want to decide is how we want to go about handling who is working on what. This is a team game so as a team we can choose what way would work best to organize our remixing so that we can finish the game on time :D Any ideas?

Below are the tracks for each player. Once I know your Starting RECord, I’ll put the name of it and its number in that slot at the bottom of your track. As remixes are made that move you along your track, I will add the name and number of the remix to the track, starting at the bottom of it and moving up. Once all of us get to the top of our tracks, then we do our big Collaboration to win the game!


jesterlady’s Track

Waiting at the Finish Line

+ "finding d'nalreven - for final collab game mix" by kouralilly

+ "Where There's Will Audio remix (collab game)" by psalmist

+ "I'm Craving Words" by barush

+ "luv - collab game next move - for jesterlady" by kouralilly

+ "'Words' (Remix) - collab game" by sabine

+ "Palabras (collaboration game)" by barush

jesterlady’s Starting RECord: "Words" #571999


sabine’s Track

Waiting at the Finish Line

+ "The Girl Meets the Elf and the Fairy Butterflies (Game Collab)" by GabyVaughn

+ "In the Land of Dreams and Fairy Butterflies! (Game Collab)" by GabyVaughan

+ "Treeoll in Forest - collab game" by Psalmist

+ "For Game Collab - The Elfs Meeting" by GabyVaughan

+ "Butterfly Elf with words Collab2" by jesterlady

+ "collaberation game - kouralilly move 1" by kouralilly

sabine’s Starting RECord: "'Witnesses' (REmix)" #584194


kouralilly’s Track

Waiting at the Finish Line

+ "Heart Can-t Wait -2min animation or so- (game collab)" by psalmist

+ "Tinker Fell (collab game)" by psalmist

+ "Left not Right (collab game)" by barush

+ "D'nalreven-Collab" by jesterlady

+ "'Gonna Grow Up' (REmix) - collab game" by sabine

+"Third Star (kouralilly for collab game)" by Psalmist

kouralilly’s Starting RECord: "gona grow up" #597119 


GabyVaughan’s Track

Waiting at the Finish Line

+ "Hope - collab game" by kouralilly

+ "Welcome to D'nalreven" by jesterlady

+ "'Fairy Butterflies' (REmix) - Collab Game" by sabine

+ "Flower for Heart" by Psalmist

+ "The Elf (collab game)" by barush

+ "'Butterfly Elf' (REmix) - Collab Game" by sabine

GabyVaughan’s Starting RECord: "The Flowers and the Sky" #392957


barush’s Track

Waiting at the Finish Line

+ "'Recycled Dreams' (REmix) Collab Game" by sabine

+ "D'nalreven Poem" by jesterlady

+ "My move #4 (for the Game Collab) by GabyVaughan

+ "tink's revenge (collab game)" by kouralilly

+ "Recycled Dreams (tiny film - for barush)" by Psalmist

+ "Recycled Dreams VO" by jesterlady

barush’s Starting RECord: "Recycled Dreams (tiny story)" #273665


Psalmist’s Track

Waiting at the Finish Line

+ "Where There's Will (collab game)" by barush

+ "'Will' (REmix) collab game" by sabine

+ "Treeoll in the Enchanted Forest - Move #3 (Game Collab)" by GabyVaughan

+ "A History of Two Hearts (collab game) by barush

+ "next move - collab game" by kouralilly

+ "My First Move - Collaboration Game" by GabyVaughan

Psalmist’s Starting RECord: "Luvyrinth - two hearts in a maze" #556325


Okay, I think that’s about it. I’ll Resource the original tutorial in case you want to give it a look. The forum is ours so anything you want to bring up, feel free to! In the event you don’t think you’ll be able to play the game, just let me know and I’ll make the adjustments necessary :) I hope everyone is still up for it and I look forward to starting on Monday, 1/9/2011! Oh, and if you’d like to go ahead and tell us what your Starting RECord will be, I’ll add it on here. Cheers!


Time Ticker for the game (day's played/day's left to play) – 12/+4

Created: Jan 07, 2012


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