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And when it’s time to study, all I do is this:

Listen to music and make me happy,
Water the plants and make them snappy,
Chat with friends and make them laugh,
Perform to mom and make her clap,
Drink some tea and make it first,
Wait for tea and make some toast,
Jump on my bed and make it again,
Dance a little and make it rain,
Call grandma and make her smile,
Wash some clothes and make a pile,
Dream of things and make a list,
Fry some chicken and make it crisp,
 Clean my room and make it shine,
Write a poem and make it rhyme.


If I could sing.. oh I would call this a song instead of a poem but I wasn't plessed with an ability to sing. Thank god, someone invented showers and I can sing in there - and I would rock this study poem! But feel free to make it into a song yourself..

Created: Jan 07, 2012

Tags: study

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