We Are Humanity

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Reality is nothing but our perception of what we see, what we feel, and what we believe we know.

We want to be independent, but at the same time, want a shoulder to cry on.
And people to rely on.
We’re scared of being alone; but we are not alone.
The hands we hold, the lies we’ve told,
The memories we make when we dare to dream 
Are involuntary flutterings of our social being.
We distance ourselves and stand alone
We’re lost; though we think we’re free
Till such time as when we see the world from
A new perspective, a kaleidoscopic view,
Where everyone, everything, is together.

Nobody truly stands alone.
Independence is not a virtue.
It is an illusion created to satiate the burning hunger that lies within.
The fear that you are not in control,
That the world has taken over your soul.
We are but minute components of an overbearing system
that strives to eliminate each and every possibility
Of there ever being an independent “me”.
We are one. We are humanity. 

Created: Jan 07, 2012

Tags: humanity, re: independence

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