Temporary Cure

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Everyone just walks around and takes pieces of each other

Then throw them away like trash

while looking for another


People sick with broken hearts looking for a cure

Trying to get rid of all

the pain that they endure


Little Zombies aimlessly searching for a "right"

Meeting a new stranger

then staying for the night


And all the drugs and alcohol will never understand

They canvas apathetic hearts

Due to their own hands


Self-destructive, angry, and never clarified

That all of their temporary cures

are the reason they have died. 



I realize that some of my recent writing has been quite dark. This piece just kind of came out of me while I was listening to "Lover's Spit" by Broken Social Scene. Another song on the playlist-"Kreuzberg" by Bloc Party. 

Created: Jan 07, 2012

Tags: sex, temporary, heartache, depressed, alcohol, dark, cure, drugs, one night stand, writing, poem

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