Henry Fuseli No Longer Rides Horses

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My nightmares have changed. They used to be full

of monsters and stairs only there

to fall down and men coming

to steal my once-a-baby brother.

I dreamt in strange languages and on one occasion

of a carpenter whose yellow-shadowed face leered

solemnly and my ribs trembled

in the terror a five-year-old does not understand.


One night there was a radio that danced

and wouldn’t turn off. I was not afraid

of this mechanical monstrosity, only

that it would wake my still-a-baby brother.


And sometimes I dreamed of death.

An abyss beyond stars and flashlights

with no mother’s lap

or father’s hand

for solace.


But they are not the same these nights. I have

given birth in my dining room

to an infant whose name I did not know.

I have stood in empty parking lots

of blaring headlights in the rain

spotlighting all the hiding places

I could no longer use.


Other times, sweaty men have lumbered

at me, aggressive

with their nudity.

And I have stared down

gritty-shadowed corridors

whose cracking doors loom and lord

in the dark.


One night there was a crash

(I heard but could not see)

and a blond woman

who swore frantically and I woke

trembling in the terror a twenty-year-old understands

but does not want to.


My brother came into my room and I could not explain

to him,

to this little boy who still dreams

of monsters, that I was afraid

not of the crash

or of the woman but of

the fear

in her gasp that was so loud

it could have been a howl.

Created: Jan 06, 2012


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