The girl in the cage

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There once was a girl of particular will

Whose family lived in a cage

And while she had dreams that could reach to the sky

She stayed in their home as she raged

Her spirit stagnating, her poor heart deflating

The girl wondered if she should try

For fear of upsetting her loved ones, she stayed

But always she asked herself 'why'

The discipline that she was told she should learn

Was sensible, proper, and nice

Her choice to remain in her family's cage

Was one that her family called wise

But still she watched on as her family shuddered

Aware but ignoring the bars

Until the day came when the girl had enough

So she packed up and jumped in her car

She drove to a land with a plan so unclear

She had to rely on her gut

She threw herself into unlikely endeavors

Escaping her family's rut

She lived on a diet quite lacking in flavor

And picked off occasional mold

She gathered up loans in a tiny apartment

That was always too hot or too cold

In spite of the fact that her actions seemed foolish

The girl soon felt healthy and grown

For although her life was now lacking in glamour

The life she lived now was her own



Created: Jan 06, 2012


CMSChelsea Document Media