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move slowly across the back of my eyelids
like monochromatic movies,
silent and fast
The past blasts through
the present
and splatters its colors with rhythm.
My dainty hands
touch calloused palms to dirt and
pulls out roots from trees
and wraps them around my waist
in attempts to keep me grounded.
Deep breath in.
Deep breath out.
Bare feet hit the grass running,
breaking through wood,
as wisps of wind fill my soul
lifts me
and lets me spread wings and fly
Not like Icarus,
but like Nekhebet
soaring towards the
I am consumed.
My body is a braid of fire,
orbited by a dance of
lightning bugs
and butterflies
that come together and strap to my back like
an albatross,
only to disperse into the air
as gracefully as they came.
With memories
chasing them,
trying to catch them into jars.
Bug burns across my skin
spread quickly
and as I lilt to the ground
my body turns to ashes.
I am changed.

Created: Mar 16, 2010


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