"And A New Earth" Reprise V.2

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This is my second version of "And A New Earth" Reprise.

In this version I have added a lot more video as well as audio. A couple of days ago, 12.42 uploaded a concept of earth that was simply amazing. Originally it was to be placed at the beginning, but I added it with the ending in Kavonne's version to create a really cool effect!

I also added 10 layers of audio; two of which are Krr and Andrew Keelan VOX that each have multiple layers of voices already in them. In order to use those, I first had to remove the scores that are included in them. Then I had to syncronize each layer of audio with the original audio included in CameronSmith's version of "And A New Earth" Reprise. I checked over the audio multiple times and believe I have a much better result than I did the first attempt. There is probably still room for improvement and I have noticed many more VOX added to the site that can be added still!

Overall I am really excited where this is headed! We have a little more time to improve on it!


Version 5 can be found here: http://hitrecord.org/records/644976

V6 here: http://hitrecord.org/records/647573

Created: Jan 05, 2012


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