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So, I tried recording a testimony, but I felt so awkward that I just edited some video that I had together and set captions instead XD

I'm sorry I don't have music XP If anyone wants to add music or wants to read the captions out loud, feel free to remix it!

I'll also write out my thoughts here too: My biggest independence was going to college. I've had responsibilities before, but never like this. As college students, we decide when to wake up, when we eat, when we study, or...don't. After awhile, a routine is formed. Nothing has really changed...but it feels like everything has. Those food places you go with your friends become better because you went out and found them. Those classes you choose to take become better because you chose to take them. And the time you spend with your friends is so much more treasured because you chose to spend your time with them. And not only do you spend your time with them, but you try new things with them. Like going to new places. Like eating different foods. In the end, we value having the ability to choose what we do, where we do it, when we do it, how we do it, and who we do it with much more than we think.

Created: Jan 05, 2012

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