[No Longer] Independent

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She’d spent her life alone; at least that’s how it felt to her. The years of trials she’d experienced had worn her down. She lived on her own in a studio apartment with dripping faucets and peeling walls which contrasted with the outdated carpet. Her meals consisted of pasta and cereal. Her life was hardly a dream life. She could never understand why people expressed jealously of her lifestyle. Could they not understand that her independence was not created out of choice but rather out of necessity for survival? If she had stayed, she’d be dead. She knew that.
     Looking over the library with glazed eyes, she wonders why there are so few people there. Her job at the coffee shop and school schedule left little time for respite. This remained one of the few places that was always calm. She sighs, knowing that when the library closes she’ll return to the empty cupboards, the mattress on the floor, the functioning television and the desolate feelings.
     Yet, suddenly someone sits across the table from her. A boy she does not recognize. She loses her breath as he catches her gaze. He smiles. As he begins to speak, she realizes her life will never be the same.

Created: Jan 05, 2012


MadelineKrentz Document Media