Little Red Riding Hood's Multiple Personalities

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I had an idea about adding a twist to an old classic.  I'm loving the retelling of the story of Little Red, but what about if at the end the audience finds out that each of the characters is actually a different personality within Little Red Riding Hood?  The Narrator, Grandmother, Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood are all a part of her!

In my mind the video would flash quickly through multiple images/video of each character and then end with Little Red.  For a few moments the voices would all talking at once and as Little Red shakes her head wildly, the images flash again... then there is silence.  Little Red smiles, and the screen goes black.  :-)  Just a different take I thought would share!  Excited to work with you all!

Created: Jan 05, 2012

Tags: little red riding hood, grandmother, narrator, big bad wolf, multiple personality, beautyofthelake

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