The Pollution Dream

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The world has become a place run by corporate conglomerations-- more so than it is already. Large industrial plants block out the sun with their smoke stacks and cover the sky with a thick smog that has permanently colored the sky gray. The youngest of the new generation do not even remember a time when the sky was blue. They hear about it in stories and songs-- how beautiful the sky was-- but that is all they are now, stories and songs. The air has become so polluted that in order to go outside you must be wearing an oxygen mask. In most places, masks are required inside as well. There is a company that has created packaged, artificial, unpolluted air. The air comes in “outdoor” and “indoor” styles. Outdoor air is extremely condensed and meant to hover low to the ground in a fairly small radius. You can use it if you want to have a BBQ outside, sit around the patio, or enjoy a hot tub. It should not be used inside; because there is little airflow, the denser air will fill your lungs permanently, causing a most unpleasant death by suffocation. Indoor air comes in either standard packaging or ventilation clips which can be attached to air-conditioning or heating devices to better circulate the house. Packaged, clean air has become a hit in the United States, Europe and Australia, parts of China, and Japan.    

Mom has just purchased a clean air pack. She is about to open the contents to release it into the house when I realize she has purchased the outdoor pack. "Stop!" I yell. I tell her she has the wrong pack. We are all panicked for a moment, but glad we caught the mistake in time. I could not imagine what death of too much air would feel like. Would it be quick? Or would your muscles begin to cramp, your brain dying slowly from lack of oxygen, leaving you nothing to do but struggle until it is over and your brain shuts off. That could be minutes. Those minutes would seem like hours-- gasping for air that has nowhere to go.  

Parts of the world have started being closed off. The air is so heavily polluted, but they cannot afford oxygen, let alone clean air packs. I hear there has been mutations occurring. The toxins in the air and water have altered people's DNA in 3rd world countries. They showed a picture on the news the other day taken by a team of scientists that are currently exploring the damages in these nations; the only picture that was visible through the smog was of a villager's feet (since they were low to the ground) I cannot even describe it. They were creature-like. Instead of toenails they had talons, and the skin was no longer fleshy, but scaled, thick, and muddy-colored. Lord only knows what the rest of them looks like.    

Everyone in America is so happy to have clean air packs. They don't ask questions, they just buy, buy, buy, glad that it is not them who is worried about morphing into a creature from the black lagoon. If they did ask questions, they would realize that they are part of a huge practical joke. The corporation that produces the air packs is ranked globally as being the top producer of toxic waste and pollutants. They dodge regulations because they provide free air packs to government buildings in all of the world's power countries. So they continue to destroy the earth and patch it up with artificial air. We are paying them to kill us. Good joke.  

Created: Jan 05, 2012


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