Grass politics

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The Grass, in neat little lines,

Was starting to get angry.

"Why should we be treated so badly,

And yet still behave so fine?"

They started to get rowdy.

"This height is mine!

I am not like any other blade of grass,

For they can be so crass;

He makes it so that all grass is the same, like me!

This quite simply cannot be!"

The Grass started to revolt,

"We should set up a system,

No, really, just listen:

We should set up a system,

Where each blade of grass is recognised

As a unique and precious individual!

We'll have rights, we'll be equal!

We shall write a charter,

A sort of Magna Carta."

Oh, how they roared that day,

And jumped about,

Happy to revolt,

Until they realised with a jolt

that His Most Excellent and Puissant Empreror,

Lawn Mower, with his abhorrance of unruliness

was getting worked up about the mess.

Once he gets going there's no way of telling

the carnage he'll be making!


He brutally cuts them down,

And puts them in line,


'Till next time.



(Not quite the finished version, but for now i like how it sounds. Feedback?)

Created: Jan 04, 2012

Tags: grassy, eh this was like a good poem in my head now that i wrote it its like i guess

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