Free (1969)

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Free (1969)

It was the summer of ’69

When I laid my eyes upon you

Underneath that Texas sky

Moonlight dancing on you


Your spirit was floating free

As that music filled the air

I handed you a flower

You put it in your hair


We were lovers running wild

Young hearts without a clue

But it didn’t really matter

As long as I had you


Those were the days

And nights of love so free

I just couldn’t get enough

Of what you gave to me




 everything seemed free

Our souls, our hearts, our future

The love you gave to me


But free is just a fantasy

A trick played on the young

We all have to pay the price

 And the payment’s just begun


Those were the days

Nights of love so free

Just couldn’t get enough

Of what you gave to me


Two crazy kids from Texas

It was the best year of my life

Running from the emptiness

That we both felt inside


In the backseat of my Chevy

Promises in the dark

The fragrance of our loving

Still lingers in my heart


I thought it would last forever

The love you gave to me

I guess we never thought of ‘never’

But never came to be


Forever came around

And took this love of mine

But I still see you in the moonlight

It’s 1969

Created: Jan 04, 2012


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