The first body on mine

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Underneath the stretched yawn of consented stars

Only glinting back and forth to each other mirroring faces

Over broken back people’s poetry

Cobwebs are sticky and united swamped in a thick mist

I wear the smell of you

Around my pursed lips, your Tongue balancing on my lower lip

I pull away from you, the shadows tell me, “It’s always the quiet ones, oh frightened one”

And I look back to the sound of my outreached hand,

As my body tilts and kneels forward.

The hallways are dark, a purple aura falling to my feet

The rain is gushing

Hitting the roof hard, I know it will come tumbling down like bricks

On top of me, I’m quiet now (listening)

Your heart in your body thudding hard against my ribs

Can you hear it too?

Created: Jan 04, 2012


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