A Mighty Catch

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I am a mighty catch

With shining eyes and fancies fair

I put them on with hidden guile

My perfect scales a-glimmering

As I swim round my little pond

The other creatures pass me by

And then I spy the hook


The hook gleams in the murky light

Unseen by any in the pond

A trap not set for me at all

And yet I dare investigate

My lips are pierced, my freedom gone

A mighty catch is caught


But willingly I fly away

My curiosity aflame

I gaze into my captor's eyes

He takes the hook out of my mouth

And holds me in his calloused hands

To stare at what he's caught


I wait for him to take me home

To die or to become his pet

My captor, proud of what he's done

Now watches me with bored regret

He throws me back from whence I came

A mighty catch released


Created: Jan 04, 2012


CMSChelsea Document Media