The Power of Words.

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The woman believed she was born out of her time and into a world that
knew this instantly and shunned her for it, as it shunned all those who
were different.

Still she tried to make her way through this unfamiliar society,
feeling her way as a blind woman through a cave.

Often she tripped and snagged herself on the jagged edges
and few could understand or sympathise with her predicament.
After all, they could see their way just fine!

She raged at being shunted into this time, this wrong time
so full of apathy and hate. One day she sat down at her desk
and wrote about it. What harm could it do?

For the first time she did not feel lonely. Words, it seemed, made
for good company, sturdy and reliable.

She may not have been in the right place and time
but that didn't mean she had to accept loneliness. No one does.

Words have power and light, and that should never be

Created: Jan 04, 2012


Emma-Conner Document Media