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25.10.2012 EDIT: hahah oh I remember how confused I was when I joined... so clumsy... (and yes, I know now that I can't upload a cover of Hallelujah here :D hahahah)


Hi! I just started here on hitRECord, and I'm more than confused when it comes to using this site, but if I understood the idea correctly, it sounds really great! So I'm just gonna put this song here, it's an instrumental song written and performed by me. Feel free to do whatever you want with it! And let me know if you like it, I've got many songs here just waiting to be recorded :) ! 

(there are many things I would like to ask, for example, is it allowed to put a cover song here, lets say Hallelujah played with 5 flutes or something like that?)


Created: Jan 03, 2012


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