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skys are blue, sun is brighter
people's voice is getting so much louder
i can feel the air around me, its getting colder
maybe its just the winter bringing dark thougts in my mind
and i feel fine

if i get away everything will be just fine
my body aches, i feel sick
they turn away, running far from me
what is wrog, why cant i just be loved
not a freakshow, a weirdo to laugh at

one by one, then in streams
dripping down, burning tears
fill my eyes i can't breath- feel so heavy
and i cry in my bed every night
no one can hear, no one comes near
how i wish you cared, how i wish you were here

put on a smile 'cause the show must go on
walk down the street in the dark all alone
i can feel that burn and the ache of the body
then i know im alive, i feel safe, maybe even happy

bliss, joy, and the music in the air

one day i will, be happy again.

Created: Jan 03, 2012


Billie13 Document Media