The curse of the STALE BREAD.

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There once was a tale, of bread so stale

                       you could die by it's mesmerising look.

But what people didn't know, was that a curse had been bestowed!

On one who had indeed looked his last look.


A man of Ned,  (6 foot down in his grave),

Who had passed away due to his bread-gazing crave,

was the chosen, to have and to hold this dark curse,

(intermittently arriving)-like at the end of this verse.


So next time you take a crunch, crunch,

Of your bread, bread, bread,

Remember forrest's crunch, crunch,

Of the toasty Ned, Ned.


And with that simple warn shall we "end" this fine tale.

The epitome of reason Mum. No more bread stale.



Created: Jan 03, 2012


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