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This last Halloween, we put on a show for seven hundred standing RECorders at The Poisson Rouge rock club in New York City.  The evening's centerpiece was a theatrical performance/shoot of the Brothers Grimm's LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD.  Costumed characters from the crowd pantomimed the parts while the vocalists voiced the story, and we all shot it.

Now it's time to make the short film.

I've just uploaded my first try editing the audio together from our half-hour staged shoot to make a ten-minute cohesive piece -- 

VIDEO EDITORS: Here's an album of all the video footage we have so far from that night -- -- So let's start layering video over the audio above.  Also, while we'll certainly use a lot of footage from that night,  I also want to start making and mixing in other visuals as well to create a "kitchen-sink" collage sort of aesthetic.  So go ahead and find any other footage (either from our site, or from the Public Domain) you think is remotely relevant to the various moments of the story and try cutting those in there too.

ILLUSTRATORS & ANIMATORS: I also want to cut away to a bunch of graphic art that tells the story along with the theatrical performance.  I'm really envisioning an extremely wide variety of aesthetics and mediums all mixing together here, so you don't have to follow any guidelines other than one: TELL THE STORY.  Pick a moment, any moment, from the story and illustrate it.  Animators, take those illustrations and start animating them.  

Definitely aiming to screen this at our Sundance show on January 26, so let's get to work!


Created: Jan 02, 2012


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