"Utopia" original by Anastasia Osho

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My husband told me I daydream too much so I wrote a song about it! "Utopia" is where I escape to when I daydream.



(Verse 1)

I'm lost in a world that my mind created

I'm trapped in a state where I'm sedated

with images and crazy notions

inspired by my own emotions

My mind, it thinks and bellows out loud

my head, it floats, among the clouds

Lord, help me stay in reality

and get out of this world conjured by me


Utopia, Utopia

A world filled with my fantasies

Utopia, Utopia

Utopia, you set me free

(Verse 2)

My heart pounds, I can barely breathe

I'm running fast, trying to flee

But, I hear a voice calling for me

A voice that speaks so tenderly

So, I turn my head to the skys

Then, I am quickly mesmerized

A splendid sight before my eyes

A precious girl to my surprise


Dreams have their way in Utopia

I long to stay in Utopia

Time slips away in Utopia

But, I must escape Utopia

(Repeat Chorus)

(Fade out)

Utopia, Utopia, Utopia, Utopia.....

Created: Jan 02, 2012

Tags: neo-soul, pop, soul

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