Faded Memories

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You aren’t breaking my heart - 

you’re splitting it in half.

One half shattered,

one still holding on.


What shall I do now?

Stare at the phone for countless hours,

waiting to hear a hint of hope in your voice?

I’ve done that far too many times already.


I’ve had faith in you; 

had faith in the words you wrote.

“The heart wants what the heart wants

but ignores reason, logic.”


What does your heart want?

I know what mine needs.


Allow yourself to slip away, if needed.

Make me forget your smile, your laugh,

your perfect eyes, and the way I’ve been happiest

with you. 


Let yourself become yet another disappointment;

another faded memory.


My tears will continue to fall, but do not despair,

for they will wash the blood off of our hands.


Still, I ask - 

must the butterflies wither,

and must our streetlamp moon

stop lighting the dark, empty sky?


I simply have questions. 

I suppose that means you’re 

(again) forced

to figure out the answers.


“[Love] is never convenient. Never right.

Never chosen.”

But is it worth taking 

a risk for?


You whispered to me,

“This just feels right, doesn’t it?”


That moment will forever feel right in my heart,

even as yet another faded memory.

Created: Jan 02, 2012


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